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Cancellation Policy / Terms & conditions for bookings

Full payment is required upon booking any Blue Buddha treatments.

In the event of a cancellation without more than 24 hours’ notice then unfortunately we will be unable to refund any payment as we are unable to rebook this time with such short notice.

In the event you need to rearrange your appointment please provide a minimum of 5 days’ notice where possible to rearrange existing appointments. Whilst we are happy to accommodate rearranged appointments they need to be booked within 3 months from the date of the original treatment booking.

In the event that you have contracted Covid19, then please notify us as soon as is possible, and your appointment will be rearranged once you've received confirmation of your Covid19 clearance testing.

Treatments Protocol

A reminder text will be sent out to you the day before your appointment. Please confirm that you are not experiencing any Covid19 symptoms and are fit and well.
A full consultation will be completed on your first visit, including the completion of a health questionnaire, treatment consent and Covid19 consent form. Please notify us of any changes to your health prior to each visit. 
There are contra indications to some treatments, therefore occasional referral back to you GP may be required for you to gain their consent before it may go ahead to ensure that it is completely safe. 
Please inform us at Blue Buddha if you are on any anticoagulation, blood thinning treatment, eg warfarin, Heparin. Apixaban. Also we need to know if you are Diabetic, Epileptic, and what medication you take. This information is required so that if you became unwell we know how to keep you safe in our care.
Treatments are bespoke and can be tailored to suit your individual needs if requested.

Blue Buddha Gift Vouchers

Blue Buddha Gift Vouchers are available upon request and are valid for a period 12 months from the date of payment, to ensure that you make time to use them.

Polite Notices

Please arrive on time for your appointment.
Late arrival may result in shortened treatment time.
We cannot accommodate babies or children during your treatment.
Please ensure that your phone is on silent mode during your treatment or switched off.

There is parking available within the grounds of Blue Buddha. 
Alternatively, there is parking available on the road above the Church, or on left hand side of Dean Lane just after Blue Buddha entrance.

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Please fill out the contact form to book an appointment for holistic treatments and spa sessions, or to make an enquiry. Parking is available on the driveway at your appointment.

Dean Lee Dean Lane,

07784 827051

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